How we achieve carbon neutrality (and you can too)

How we achieve carbon neutrality (and you can too)

We use the most recent industry standard reports and guidelines from around the world to find our emissions across each step of the production and distribution cycle.

Using recycled materials in our production process does significantly reduce our carbon emissions in comparison with textile producers working from raw materials.

And, while the unfortunate reality of the textile industry can normally include several countries each doing a different step of production, from creating thread, to making fabric, to cutting, and then sowing, we have the advantage of producing fabric, cutting, and sowing all within the same city which heavily reduces the industry-standard emissions due to international freight.

However, no business is able to do anything without emitting carbon into the atmosphere.

The electricity generation required to power the sowing machines, the transport that the workers use to get to work, the freight to our international distribution warehouses; all of this emits carbon and we offset it all (and more, just to be on the safe side).

So how do we offset our carbon footprint in practical terms?


Forests are critical ecosystems and incredible carbon sinks. They are nature's technology to remove carbon from the atmosphere. Trees are the most scalable and efficient way to remove carbon today. Forests are so important that every single international climate plan includes dramatic measures to protect and restore forests. Beyond that, forests are also hotbeds of biodiversity, providing a home to the majority of animals and plant species on the planet. They're important to regulating heat and clean water. Forests are a source of livelihood and home to many communities around the world.

- Pachama

We partner with Pachama to replenish the natural diversity of the Amazon rainforest. This means planting trees and also conservation projects that allow for natural reforestation, where the forest recovers on its own over time from degradation.

This isn't an overnight fix, and it will take more than trees, but if you're not offsetting your own personal carbon emissions, you can do so very easily through or

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