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Our 11 standards for fair labor

We go over each of these points with our suppliers and ensure that each standard is understood in in clear, natural language. Luckily, our suppliers are genuine, hard-working partners and we are proud to work alongside them. 1. Business is conducted lawfully and with integrity Compliance with Laws All Colombian laws and regulations are complied with. All other applicable international...

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How we achieve carbon neutrality (and you can too)

We use the most recent industry standard reports and guidelines from around the world to find our emissions across each step of the production and distribution cycle. Using recycled materials in our production process does significantly reduce our carbon emissions in comparison with textile producers working from raw materials. And, while the unfortunate reality of the textile industry can normally...

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How we donate 1% of all sales (NOT just 1% of profits!)

1% for the Planet. 100% for the people. This is the vision of Patagonia's founder, Yvon Chouinard. We hold a lot of respect for Patagonia and we follow in their footsteps as they dedicate their efforts towards conservation. 1% means one percent of a business' total sales. This doesn't just mean that businesses are giving a part of their profit...

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