1. Incredible Quality

You deserve to cook in the world's most comfortable, most durable apron.

With pockets exactly where you want them. Pressure-relieving cross-back straps. The simplicity of a carefully planned one-size-fits-all design. And the toughest, fabric and stitching you'll find on the market. The Morada Apron truly is a kitchen companion for life.

2. Unconditional Ethics

But just like you, we think that workers - no matter where they live - should have the rights to live and work safely, and provide good education & healthcare for their children.

That's why Morada ensures our 11 Standards for Fair Labor with every partner we work with.

3. Unwavering Love for Our Planet

Of course, if we're all going to do this long-term, we need to keep this planet alive for the foreseeable future.

This is why we also focus on the minimization of harm to our planet with every action we take as a brand, using recycled packaging, being carbon neutral, and donating 1% of our revenue to causes that restore our environment.

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